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Madeline Fenton is highly frighten of eyeing the size of the schlong that’s going to pound her like naughty, and she doesn’t want it now

Danny Phantom Sex With Dani

Heavily jugged hootchie of Danny Phantom cartoon is shaking under heavy pussy assault in this post!. By the bye, aint’it Danny Phantom porn copulation I can see in this picture? ;) Having sex in the tv-show is the most pleasurable ‘s the greatest and …

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Danny Phantom Porn Story: "The Songs the Thing"

This is an adaptation of an excellent Danny Phantom Comix “The Song of Lust,” written by Monkey Nutz and penned by Dark DP over at WWOEC. If you haven’t seen it yet, get over to WWOEC dot com and select authors, Dark DP.Good stuff there.That would make this the “novelization” of a computer generated comic.Ain’t Fanfiction(s) great?The Song’s the ThingLate Saturday morning, the first day of Spring break, Maddie Fenton decided a bit of spring cleaning was in order. In the midst of scrubbing, polishing and straightening, the doorbell rang. Jazz Fenton took the opportunity to escape from the basement lab, her moody little brother, Danny Fenton and her frustrated mother, Mattie. Danny’s best friend Samantha, (please, call her Sam), had brought lunch: a large, fresh garden salad with grilled tofurkey and a spinach, portabella-mushroom pizza, topped with warm goat cheese. Finally, and most appreciated, she volunteered an extra pair of hands to help clean up the mess left by their most recent ghost portal backlash.Jazz called Danny and her mother up from the basement where the three Fentons had been working. The family patriarch, Jack Fenton, was off attending the international ghost convention in Saint Helena, the most remote, inhabited island in the world.Maddie, extremely fit at thirty-six for a mother of two, ran splayed fingers through her short, thick auburn hair. The page-boy cut was functional and practical and, incidentally, framed her face nicely. As usual, she wore a blue jumpsuit that emphasized her considerable attributes while at the same time prevented too much jiggle and sway. All things considered, an outfit that left precious little to the imagination.Not for the first time that day she pondered, asking herself, why is my son so stand-offish this morning?The Fentons were not often ope Continue reading

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When Madeline Fenton wants a hard cock she gets it… even if it is her son Danny!

Danny Phantom Porn Videos

Nicely equipped Miss Horner from Danny Phantom show is going up and down with a massive vaginal invasion inside!… It is only too evident that cock-wanting Danny Phantom porn whores haven’t been done for years and years!! It’s time for special edition Madeline Fenton retold in erotic key pierced belly and receives an internal cumshot and while being filmed for the first time.

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Amazing double penetration scene that ends in a great cumshot – Sam really likes it!

Danny Phantom Porn

Big tit whore from Danny Phantom tv-show is shaking under heavy pussy assault inside! ;) Special edition of frenzy where the hottest characters from this cartoon after get into various sex situation! How can you ever be tired of Danny Phantom hentai first-rank and naughty pastimes called to take yout breath away render your fuck-adoring Mr. Happy…

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Danny Phantom Hentai Story: "Danny Phantom’s porn adventures: Wrong"

I feel compelled to tell any readers that my stories will not be featuring Danny using his powers. While I do view him as a horny teen, I can’t see him using his powers to spy on people. Not to mention the fact that he’s not going to be called away to fight ghosts while he’s boning someone. Just sayin’.

Wrong. It was wrong. In every way, shape, and form, God knows it was wrong. But, and God will admit it if He was ever asked, it felt so right. So good.

The perfect crime is not achieved with well timed break-ins to vaults holding millions of dollars. It’s not a well put together kidnapping, or a unsuspected, unsolved murder. The perfect crime is sex.

Not rape. No, never rape. That’s not what this was. It was the furthest thing from it. It was love in it’s purest form, expressed from one boy to his beloved. Rape is aggression, teamed with selfishness. It’s take without give. This was the perfect balance of give and take. Perpetuating itself with the effort of two loving, secretive teens.

But there is one kind of sex, one kind of orgasmic bliss, that is illegal in the United States. Some shudder to think about it. Our two protagonists do, but for different reasons than many. Others have warmed to the idea. Others participate. Others, for instance, like Danny and Jasmine Fenton.

To begin with, Danny is fourteen. He has jet black hair and innocent blue eyes. He’s tall, for a freshman, but scrawny. On the outside, he looks every part of a gawky, shy teenage boy on the brink of adult hood, trying to get control of his raging hormones. On the inside, however…

A man. A man with his spirit on fire for the woman he loves. His heart burns for her. He aches every minute, every second of the day. On the forefront of every thought on his mind, all else taking a very, very low second. His Continue reading

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Danny Pantom Porn Story: "Danny Phantom’s Porn adventures: Detention"

Sam’s POV, Italics are her thoughts (you all know me by now, so…) 3:15 PM, Wenesday
“This is your fault, you know.” I said to Danny who was sitting across from me in the Library. we were in Detention. “Sorry, but I really think teachers shouldn’t curse out the students for getting the awnser wrong. ” He replied while folding his arms across his cheast.

“But you didn’t have to get me involved.” I protested.

” is a bitch sometimes.” he muttered.

“how much longer do we have left?” I asked.

“An hour and a half.” he awnsered.

Tucker was lucky he had the flu and is at home, leaving the two of us in the library which now has a second floor that was put in sophmore year.

“Can’t you phase us out of hear?” I asked. He shook his head. “Little mishap with my Dad’s invention, whatever it did, I’m as human now like when I was younger.” he sighed.

“So what do you wanna do?” He asked looking around. “I don’t know, but I’m going Upstairs, maybe find that book that Lancer was talking about.” I said getting up from my Table and walking up the stairs.

Truth is, there is no book, I just want him to follow me.

so that you could do what?

I’m not telling you.

You two hooked up a year ago, now what are you going to do?

Afew minutes later I hear someone coming up the stairs and someone calling my name. “Sam?”

“I’m right here.” I called back from the back of the library, sitting on top of a desk behind two large bookcases, which I moved to give us privacy.

“you okay, baby?” he asked coming closer. I nodded, stood up, and kissed him on the cheek. he smiled and kissed my on my lips, his tonuge begging for my lips to Continue reading

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This is a great pic of Sam sucking Danny while his clone gets ready for a fuck…

Danny Phantom Hentai

Danny Phantom Hentai

Danny Phantom Porn

Danny Phantom Porn

Danny Phantom Porn

Sam and Jazz in the shower, they’re soaping each other up, and Jazz is sucking on one of Sam’s nipples.They both look like their enjoying it!
Just because she’s little doesn’t mean she can’t play with the big boys and take the big cock…
In this picture Ember is walking in on Danny while he’s having a nice fuck session with Maddy and Jazz…
Danny leaves but Sam, his sister Jazz and even his own mom begging for more… so he answers there call!
Heavily jugged slut from Danny Phantom tv-show is bobbing with a massive vaginal invasion inside!… The Danny Phantom hentai whores long for a bit ofcock-to-pussy kind of action – they gets screwed in all possible places take sizey thick cocks into… Watch your back because this drawn thing and is much hotter than you could have ever expected it to be:!

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Danny Phantom’s porn adventures: Paranoia

Danny Phantom  Paranoia

All right, here it is, chapter two! I had spent a couple days trying to figure out how to end it, but was having trouble and I already know what I’m doing next time, so this will have to do!

This chapter we will start exploring how messed up poor Danny is after his experience and how Dark is planning to mess with him more.

Hope you like it and I don’t keep you waiting too long for the next one. xD;


Jazz sighed as she got ready for school. She briefly wondered where Danny was, as she hadn’t seen him since before school the day before.

Her parents were away at some sort of conference thing and weren’t expected back until the next day so it was abnormally quiet. She somehow felt that she shouldn’t make any noise, so the sound when she picked up her keys was uncomfortably loud.

Jazz felt like something was off, or wrong, and the feeling just grew as she neared the door. She knew Danny went out late sometimes, but he usually returned by morning.

Her sense of wrongness just grew stronger as she went to the door, stopping with her hand before the doorknob.

“This is stupid, there’s nothing wrong!” Jazz exclaimed to herself and pulled open the door only to jump back with a startled gasp as Danny fell through the doorway.

Jazz dropped her keys as she quickly kneeled down to shake her brother. “Danny? Danny!”

Danny whimpered and slowly opened his eyes. “Jazz…?” he asked before quickly sitting up, then doubling over in pain. “W-where am I?”

“Home, Danny, you’re at home. Jazz had a moment of pan Continue reading

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When Danny is not trying to catch Ember they are having great sex!

Danny Phantom Porn Comics

It’s time to get something big inside this curvaceous Danny Phantom hottie featuring a hot pair of ass cheeks and a sexually eager slit! Feels like Ember horny beauties haven’t been done and in ages!… Enjoy seeing those cutest characters from celebrated Danny Phantom hentai episodes being undressed in the way that you have never seen before.

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Danny Phantom’s porn adventures: Shit happens – Chapter 2

(ghost Zone- Kitty’s realm)

Kitty sat on her couch with a drink in her hand and she sighed. She looked around the room that was part of her realm and smiled. The room resembled the house she lived in when she was alive. It was pretty much a mansion. The living room had a fireplace, a love seat, a Bed in the corner where she normally slept, and a bar.

She downed her drink and picked up a picture of her and Danny. She smiled at the picture. It was a picture taken a little over a week after she broke it off with Johnny. She remembered that day fondly.

(Flashback- 8 months ago)

Kitty walked down the street in a fit. She and Johnny had just broken up a week ago and he had already moved onto that sex starved bitch Penelope. She walked to the Park and sat on top of a hill to look over Amity.

What was I thinking going with Johnny. I should have stayed in new York and focused on my career as a fasion designer, but no I had to get caught up with him,” said Kitty looking at the city and starting to cry.

Why’s a beautiful girl like yourself crying Kitty?” came the voice of a person who had held her heart for a short period of time.

She looked up to see Danny walking up the hill in his human form. She wiped her eyes and turned away from Danny not wanting him to see her being so weak.

I’m not crying Danny. I just have something in my eye!” said Kitty hoping her bangs covered her eyes.

Danny looked at Kitty, before wiping her cheeks and kneeling before her. “What do you say that you and I go on a date tomorrow, like when we went out,” said Danny.

Kitty blushed. “But I was just using you to get back at my stupid ex Johnny at the time,” said Kitty blushing hard. She just gave Danny info he didn’t need.

< Continue reading

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