Danny Phantom sex story part 4: Danny Phantom Paranoia

In the end, when she heard the shower running, she decided she would just call Sam and Tucker after school to see if they knew anything. — — —In the shower Danny turned the water to the highest heat and stood under the steaming water, watching as his skin began to turn red. He wanted to get rid of all the traces of that maniac, but he knew he would never be able to. Almost unconsciously he moved his hand to rest over his stomach, rubbing along raised edges of cuts in his skin. He supposed it made sense for his evil self to want to label what he thought of as ‘his property’ but couldn’t it have been subtler than the name ‘Dark’ carved on his abdomen? Realizing where his hand was he moved it away quickly in disgust before grabbing a washcloth and soap to scrub at his skin. He scrubbed until his skin was raw, and then only stopped because the hot water was running out. Turning off the faucets Danny grabbed a towel and put it as securely as possible around his waist before stepping out of the shower. He then stopped in front of the mirror to look at himself. His normally spiky, almost gravity-defying hair was plastered down around his face. He noticed he was shaking a little and grimaced. His light blue eyes seemed closed off, almost blank and he cold see the beginnings of dark circles under them. …to be continued!

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